Busy Moms

There are a lot of dentists in the Denver south metro area—have you noticed? As the wife of a family dentist, I might notice them more than you do. As a mom of 3 great kids (ages 21, 19, and 17), I know how important it is to find a dentist for your whole family, and I began to wonder how on earth a mom is supposed to choose a dentist when there seems to be one on every corner!

I make our family’s health care appointments, just like you probably do. When it comes to choosing a provider, I ask my friends who they recommend and maybe do some checking online. I don’t have time to do much more than that. But wouldn’t it be great to get more info when making these kinds of decisions? Like having a girlfriend (and fellow mom!) who could give you the inside scoop? Well, girls, here it is!

As the business manager for our family dentistry practice, I know how much thought and effort has gone into making our family dental practice as friendly to moms and families as possible. I’m in the trenches with you when it comes to managing a busy family schedule of school, sports, extracurricular and other family activities. And I know how one extra thing can throw the whole thing off-balance. So in addition to the highest standards of clinical excellence, our dental office is designed with you in mind. Check out all the ways we are making your life easier (well, dentally, anyway!):

  • Friendly office staff when you make your appointment. We also do reminder calls (and email & text reminders too) a couple of days ahead of time, just in case something slips through the cracks.
  • Parking that is right in front of the building, so schlepping everyone inside is less of a trek
  • A convenient ramp so it’s easier to wrangle the stroller
  • A fully stocked diaper changing area in the bathroom, ’cause you know they always need a diaper change when you least expect it
  • A play area for both little tykes and older kids, coloring station and Game Cube included.
  • A waiting area with complimentary beverages and snacks (yippy!)
  • A great selection of magazines (You know, so you can catch up on that Hollywood stuff that you normally don’t have much time to care about!)
  • Feel free to bring your laptop and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi…
  • Or just sit back and enjoy watching a few minutes of TV

I know that it is oftentimes easier to schedule appointments for several members of your family at one time. We can schedule them back to back, so you can stay with your child in the treatment rooms, or we can do two kids at the same time and welcome you to stay with your child or relax in the waiting area, knowing that we will come get you if your child wants you. Our staff is great about keeping an eye on the kids in the waiting area, too.

I know keeping those beautiful grins healthy can be one more chore on your long list of things to do. At our family dentistry office, we do our best to make the whole process easy for you, Mom. Give us a call and see how we can help you protect those precious smiles! We are conveniently located for anyone in the south metro Denver area, serving Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Englewood and Greenwood Village.